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Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the use of www.discoverholland.com of NS Reizigers BV. Use of www.discoverholland.com includes ordering day trips and public transport. The order is completed when, after payment, you receive the order confirmation.

Glossary ordering conditions of www.discoverholland.com

Package deal Combination of Ticket and Travel Pass
Merchant Merchant, not being NS, of the amusement park, the stay, the culinary event or any other offer(s) on www.discoverholland.com, therefore excluding offer(s) regarding public transport.
NS NS Reizigers BV, a private company with limited liability, registered in Utrecht, visiting address Laan van Puntenburg 100, 3500 HA Utrecht, registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 30124358 and registered in the Notification Register (Data Protection Authority) under number 1109353.
Ticket A collective term for every Entry ticket, Admission, Reservation, however phrased or named, which can be ordered on www.discoverholland.com and entitled to an attraction, stay, culinary event executed by a third party under his terms and conditions.
Travel Pass Travel Pass issued by NS that entitles the purchaser to public transport by NS whether or not, but only to the extent as indicated in the Package deal, in the same combination or with another operator.

Package deals: Ticket in combination with a Travel Pass; etickets
The Package deals to be ordered via www.discoverholland.com, always consist of one or more Tickets of one or more Merchants in combination with one or more Travel Passes of NS.

Personal and prohibition on resale
The Tickets and Travel Passes are personal and not transferable, it is not allowed to sell them or give them away, unless the contrary is expressed in the terms and conditions of the relevant Package deal. www.discoverholland.com offers Package deals to consumers. Therefore, we do not issue an invoice that is required for VAT purposes. A personal Ticket or a personal Travel Pass may only be used by the designated person in accordance with the applicable product or terms of use and are not transferable. You cannot use the Tickets without explicit consent of the Merchant to promote your own products or services or for other commercial purposes, whether for profit or not. The rights of the Merchant for violating such prohibitions are specified in the general or relevant terms and conditions of the Merchant itself. The fine is € 250 per violation.

The total value of the transaction consists of the sum of the Ticket and the Travel Pass prices, settled with a discount. The discount factor can vary for each Package deal and each period. You can only derive rights from the prices that NS publishes on www.discoverholland.com, when you complete the order. NS does not charge any delivery or booking fee. If and insofar a Merchant charges additional booking, reservation and delivery charges, it is separately stated in the relevant Package deal on www.discoverholland.com.

Order and delivery

The ordering process is divided into several steps, all as shown on www.discoverholland.com.

Order: Data and Payment

You should enter your data correctly and completely. You may continue to either modify, add or withdraw your order and your data until the moment that you enter the online payment platform. At that time, your order is final and you can no longer modify the data. In the event that you have entered the wrong data, you must cancel the payment and start all over again. The NS-privacy applies to the processing of your personal data.

Based on the final purchase order you are directed to the payment platform where you need to follow the instructions listed there. You are (only) entitled to the Package deal if and when the payment through the payment platform is completely and successfully finalized. The payment process, the availability of the payment platform, as well as the collection of your payment is done for NS by a third party, namely Stichting DiscoverHolland.com which is responsible for transactions including refunds, disputes, cancellations and chargebacks and can be reached via the Discover Holland Customer Service channel (contact details below).

Order confirmation
After successful processing of your payment via the payment platform, you will receive an automatically generated order confirmation. NS keeps the order confirmations for its own records only. Therefore, you must retain the order confirmation for your own records for future reference.

Delivery: email with voucher codes, redeeming voucher codes for etickets or printing out a reservation or etickets.

Voucher codes
Shortly after receiving the order confirmation, you will receive a one-time email with your order and voucher codes, together with the instruction how to effectively redeem your order. You receive a separate voucher code for both Ticket and/or Travel Pass. A voucher code is your unique code. Please read the instructions carefully on how to redeem and print out or how to make reservations for a Ticket or Travel Pass that you ordered. Please note: use the voucher code to redeem your Ticket(s) or Travel Pass(es). The email is only provided once, so please retain a copy for your records!

Etickets and reservations
Use the voucher codes to either redeem the eticket instantly with the hyperlink included in the email, via an online reservation or by phone. For reservations you either receive an eticket later from the Merchant or you need to pick up the ticket at a counter. Etickets should be printed out at all times and taken along with you. You can read on www.discoverholland.com per Package deal how you should effectively redeem your order.

You can redeem an eticket with the voucher code on the NS Travel Pass. The eticket terms and conditions are applicable to the redemption. The relevant terms and conditions of the Merchant are applicable to the Ticket.

You may print out as many Tickets or Travel Passes (etickets) as you want but one Ticket or Travel Pass only provides access once, so please retain a copy for your records and do not give print-outs to others.

Only a paper version of the ordered Ticket or Travel Pass (etickets) entitles you to actually use the ordered Package deal. Separate conditions apply to special products, access or terms of use or even house rules. Such conditions vary per Merchant. For example, de Algemene Voorwaarden (PDF, 143 kB) for transportation of travelers and hand luggage of the Nederlandse Spoorwegen (AVR-NS) apply to the public transport with a Travel Pass of NS.

Liability NS
The liability of NS is limited to cases of damage under these order conditions, AVR-NS, de e-ticketvoorwaarden, or specific NS product conditions of NS come to her account. Otherwise NS excludes any liability. This means among other things that NS is not liable for damages resulting from the delivery, the use or not or even the ability to use the Ticket, unless such liability arises from one of the NS conditions mentioned or if intent or gross negligence of NS should occur. If and to the extent that NS is liable, the total liability towards you never exceeds the reimbursement of the value of the Package deal that you paid for. Should during the use of your Ticket something happen to you that causes damage, you must contact the Merchant at all times.

NS does not retain any copies of the order in its records. Therefore, you should save and ensure the order confirmation and etickets for future reference.

The NS-privacy policy applies to the processing of your personal data on www.discoverholland.com.

We keep records from general visiting data on our website www.discoverholland.com, such as the most requested pages. The aim is to optimize the interface of the website. The data can also be used to put more specific information and offers for our customers on the website. We never record personal information via internet without your consent. When visiting the NS website a temporary file (‘cookie’) is installed on the hard disk of your computer. A cookie does not contain any identifying information and is only used to facilitate the use of the NS website. If you do not appreciate this, you can block the use of cookies through your web browser (e.g., Internet Explorer or Firefox). Most parts of our website remain accessible.

Cancel or revoke
The general right of withdrawal pursuant to regulations around buying via the internet is expressly not applicable to orders via www.discoverholland.com. Consequently, you are not able to cancel (revoke) your order after payment. In addition, you cannot cancel the Tickets, respectively Travel Passes, unless cancellation is explicitly permitted pursuant to general or specific conditions of the Merchant, respectively NS. You should contact the Merchant concerning the Ticket and NS when it comes to the Travel Pass.

Customer Service
For questions, suggestions and complaints about www.discoverholland.com, please contact the Discoverholland Customer Service: telephone +31 886 721 001 (no free call/no toll-free number) Available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. Closed during holidays.

1. To the extent that it is relevant the application of the Vienna Sales Convention 1980 (CISG) is explicitly excluded.
2. www.discoverholland.com of NS aims for the consumer market; therefore, no invoice can be issued for VAT purposes.

Choice of law
Dutch law applies to these ordering conditions.

Identification entrepreneur of payment system
Stichting DiscoverHolland.com
Reykjavikstraat 1, Unit M-20
3543CH Utrecht
Chamber of Commerce Utrecht 74039059