It would be almost impossible to visit the city of Amsterdam and not notice its trams. Sporting a white and blue paint job, the trams rattle through large portions of the city center.

Frequent, fast and reliable, one of the best ways to get around the city and it’s sights is onboard an Amsterdam tram. And with many of the routes starting outside Amsterdam's Central Station, it makes navigating the city center very easy.

Using the Amsterdam tram network

At Amsterdam Central Station there are two tram stations. A short walk apart, one is located on the east side and one on the west. You can identify the tram route and direction via the number and end destination on the front of the tram. Signs nearby indicate which tram will arrive on which platform and when.

Throughout the city, tram stops work in a similar fashion. On board, tram stop information is announced. Meaning even if the sights out the window distract you, you shouldn't miss your stop. Tram services usually start in the early mornings and run until midnight. For precise times you can check the service schedules at the tram stops.

Just like the metro, you will use the check-in and check-out system when traveling on an Amsterdam tram.

The most beautiful tram line

If you want to mark two things off your travel list at once, consider tram line two. National Geographic named this one of the world's best tram rides. During your tram ride you will pass the beautiful Museumplein, Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, the flower market, the Royal Palace and you even cross over the canals. It really is an Amsterdam tram worth riding! 

Amsterdam tram tickets

If you are spending time in Amsterdam, consider an Amsterdam Travel Ticket. These tickets come in single or multi-day varieties and allow unlimited travel on Amsterdam's public transport network. That covers the bus, metro, ferry boat and, of course, Amsterdam trams. Alternatively, single-use, one-hour tickets are available.

In most trams, you'll find a ticket attendant in a booth towards the back of the tram. Or the tram driver can also help

Accessibility on the Amsterdam tram network

The Dutch Public Transport Company (GVB) site has specific information on which tram stops are wheelchair accessible. And also which trams are equipped with an accessibility ramp.