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Our mission is to provide the most exciting way to discover The Netherlands. If you are the kind of traveler who is longing for original and fun getaways to spend a few days in Holland, stick with us.

Besides Amsterdam, choose from among a selection of fun destinations for tourists and locals alike!
Sure, like you, we totally love Amsterdam. Still, why not explore our country a bit further. Hop aboard and get inspired to head in the other direction and to take on trips to amazing places close to Amsterdam, such as Rotterdam, Haarlem, The Hague etc.!

What kind of stuff can I find on www.discoverholland.com?
Think of a swimming paradise, outdoor activities, the latest exhibition, a shopping spread, indepth historic facts and views, the beach or a lunch. Our day trips are all within easy reach of public transport. Whether it is a tour in the heart of Delft, to courageously explore windmills, Dutch or Belgium beer tasting, a dip in the sea or lunch in the deep south of The Netherlands… snap pics like silly, stop in stylish shops, have a chance to chat with the locals and take home some new experiences!

To make it easy on your side, we have mapped out your big Holland sightseeing adventures including public transport and entry fees, if any. After booking, all you focus on is the sights. And don't worry about a booking fee. We know where we're going, so all you have to do is to select the [distance/travel time] and your preferences, and to choose what you'd like to do.

Allow us to say a word or two about the environmental aspects of traveling by train. Besides it is a great opportunity to meet new people, you also contribute to a sustainable earth. Compared with cars trains are highly carbon neutral. And we are proud to say that we are working hard to have our trains completely powered by renewable electricity towards 2018. Oh, and don't forget to fully enjoy the stunning views of our beautiful landscape while traveling by train.

We wish you safe travels. Feel most welcome and we hope you savor every moment of your visit to our beautiful country!